PanTum Detect – Universal cancer test

PanTum Detect provides the possibility to diagnose cancers using a simple blood test – even those for which blood tests are not yet available.

Tumors develop slowly and gradually. From the first tumor cell, to the identification of the tumor itself, there can be a timespan of as much as 10 years. The turning point where a growing tumor progresses into an invasive, metastasizing cancer is paramount for successful treatment.

PanTum Detect aims to identify a tumor in time before this critical turning point. Locally growing tumors can often be removed with a simple operation or successfully treated, thus providing an increased chance of cure when tumors are detected early.

The PanTum Detect test uses Zyagnum’s own EDIM Technology to leverage the body’s own highly specific immune system in order to detect the presence of a tumor in a patient with very high accuracy (sensitivity of 97.5%, specificity of 99.5%).

The PanTum Detect test is designed for regular yearly testing. Most tumors in early stages do not evolve into invasive, metastasizing cancers within less than 12 months. Thus, if PanTum Detect is used in yearly intervals and a test result is positive for the first time, the last negative test result is only a year old. Chances are then high that the detected tumor is still in an early stage, as it has had only 12 months at most to develop, since the last negative test. Using PanTum Detect once a year, therefore increases your chances of acting before the critical turning point of the tumor.

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